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Chimera procedure costs, prices

This document created at Aug 3, 2020, 2:36:27 PM and modified at Dec 9, 2020, 1:09:28 AM.

Procedure costs, prices

Dear Users,

You can find our actual prices for all procedures where you have to pay.

ChimeraTool credit costs are:
10 ChimeraTool credit costs: 1 EUR

Credit prices for Samsung models
Carrier Relock65 CRD / phone
Network Factory Reset (Online)59 - 89 CRD / phone
Network Factory Reset (Wipe based)49 CRD / phone
Read Cert For Credits59 CRD / phone
Read Codes Online #259 - 109 CRD / phone
Read Codes Online59 - 129 CRD / phone
Reset Frp Online59 CRD / process
Credit prices for Blackberry models
Modem repair and Network Factory Reset95 CRD / phone
Network Factory Reset65 CRD / phone
Remove BlackBerry Protect95 CRD / process
Repair Cleared Board (9360/9700/9780)19 CRD / phone
Repair Cleared Board (9900)19 CRD / process
Repair IMEI4 CRD / phone
Reset lifetimer9 CRD / phone
Credit prices for LG models
Network Factory Reset (Online)99 CRD / process
Network Factory Reset109 CRD / process
Remove FRP lock109 CRD / process
Credit prices for Huawei models
Network Factory Reset And Remove Frp109 CRD / phone
Remove FRP lock109 CRD / phone

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