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Due to changing our payment service provider, the usual online shopping options on our website will not be available till the end of April. Please purchase from our distributors or resellers.

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LG Imei repair instructions

Instructions and information about the LG Imei repair function

Resellers Sales System

In the following, you can read about how and where you can make a purchase, how you can join our reseller network, and all the important information you need to know to be clear on what factors can contribute to exclusion from the network.

Samsung IMEI repair, Patch Cert

Are you looking for solution to repair IMEI number on new Samsung phones or just want restore a backup/purchased cert file?
Check this tutorial to get your questions answered.

Samsung Flash failed

How can you fix "Firmware flash failed." on Samsung phone while any procedure?

Xiaomi features, functions

What kind of Xiaomi functions do we (ChimeraTool) have and what are they used for?

Samsung Knox Guard (KG) & Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) unlock functions

After installing new, factory firmware, the users have met the situation that no individual firmware or individual root solution could be installed on the devices because the OEM Unlock option is unavailable.To solve this issue, we have new procedures.

Galaxy S9 (SM-G960F) & A7 (SM-A750F) Root

Manual Root methode for Galaxy S9 (SM-G960F) & Galaxy A7 2018 (SM-A750F)

Reworked LG Repair IMEI Procedures

Description of the reworked LG Repair IMEI Procedures

Samsung Carrier Relock

Use our “Carrier Relock” procedure to unlock devices by relocking them to any (max) 64 selected carriers.

Factory Reset Protection (FRP) reset

What you need to know about Factory Reset Protection, how to remove

Operation of Patch Cert and possible workaround if not successful

Operation of Patch Cert, and a possible workaround if not successful:

What is the use of the MediaTek (MTK) module?

As an introduction, let me give you some thoughts on what the MTK Processor is, why it appears as a separate module in the application, and why we need to know about it at all.

Invoice request

After each successful transaction, our users can request an invoice in accordance with the following.

UART cable usage

How and when to work with the Chimera UART cable.

What is the difference between the ChimeraTool PRO and ChimeraTool PREMIUM licences?

How do the ChimeraTool PRO and the ChimeraTool PREMIUM licences compare?

Automatic Huawei detection

This help section gives you information about automatic Huawei detection in ChimeraTool, potential issues and how to easily solve them.

IMEI Repair

Information about the IMEI repair function


information about some sub menu under the DASHBOARD

How to enable USB debugging mode on Android?

The ways to enable USB Debugging mode, which is accounted for the key step in Android rooting process, vary from one Android version to another.

Samsung FRP lock remove

Information about the different versions of the Samsung FRP lock remove feature.

Unable to establish ADB connection, phone offline, etc...

This help section includes the ADB connection issue and it show you how can you easily solve it.

Some important information about the purchase of Chimera Authenticator

Some important information about the purchase of Chimera Authenticator

ChimeraTool UART cable

This is a USB serial converter cable which can replace the box used for many of the Samsung functions.

Supported models list for 3rd party sites

You can find links, where you can keep your website up-to-date with ChimeraTool supported models

Resellers menu

Resellers: how to find a reseller near to you?

What data is needed for having a valid BIS & Internet connection (3G, EDGE)?

Here you can learn about the BIS and what data is needed to have a valid BIS & Internet connection.

How can you make a purchase with PayPal?

Currently you can use PayPal to pay for any product, credit or licence you have purchased from us.

How to use the ChimeraTool Authenticator?

The Chimera authenticator is a security smart card and a smart card reader which allows our software to authenticate the user directly to the server without needing of a password.

BlackBerry OS 6,7 functions and their descriptions

What kind of BlackBerry OS 6,7 functions do we offer and what are they used for?

How to remove the Blackberry IT policy and set your device to default

Would you like to remove all your personal data along with the IT policy from your Blackberry smartphone and reset it to factory defaults?
Please check the guideline about these two possibilities.

What is the BlackBerry Internet Service?

You can learn about the BlackBerry Internet Service here. This is an email and synchronization service.

Rooting software

At times there are new or unsupported Android OS versions in which we are not able to unlock your phone with using our personal resources. In these cases you simply need use an external rooting software.

Public Beta status

In ChimeraTool, there is a new status under a few models that is called "Beta". Get to know the Beta status better by reading the following article.

Remove BlackBerry Protect

The BlackBerry Protect includes features to help you find your BlackBerry device and help protect your device's data if your device is ever lost or stolen. In this section we will tell you how you can remove the ID using the Chimera Tool software.

BlackBerry OS10 functions and descriptions

Here you can read some useful information about the BlackBerry OS10 functions.

Blackberry bootrom error blink codes

If you have some problems with your Blackberry and you see that the phone's led is blinking red, then you may find the answer to your specific problem in the following section.

Synchronizing your BlackBerry contacts with Google Sync

Having your contacts with you at all times is important. Here you can learn to synchronize your BlackBerry OTA (over the air), so any changes you make when you're on the go will automatically appear in your contact management application.

RIM's Push technology

Her you can learn more about RIM's Push technology

About the ChimeraTool software

Here you can find some useful information about the ChimeraTool Software.

What is the BlackBerry PIN?

Here you can learn more about the BlackBerry PIN. This is an eight character hexadecimal identification number assigned to each BlackBerry device.

LG Diagnostic Serial port

You can learn here how to enable the LG Diagnostic Serial Port.

Blackberry Application Error Codes

This help section includes all the Blackberry Device and Application error codes and their meanings.

HTC functions and descriptions

What kind of HTC functions do we (ChimeraTool) have and what are they used for?

Samsung firmware naming convention and explanation

You can check whether your device's modem is compatible with this procedure or not. Please make sure to check it as the first step.

How to solve the modem problem with the Android Lollipop

As you might know, there is a small problem with the 5.0 Android versions but only with 5.0. With this version there is no possibility to enable the recovery mode, so we must use a small trick. Often there is no communication allowed with the modem.

Reseller API information

Credit resellers can connect their webshops to very easily via the Reseller API interface.

LG functions and descriptions

You can read useful information about the LG functions.

Did you find a bug and would you like to report it?

Where to report bugs or errors with the software?

About us / ChimeraTool / ChimeraTeam

We are the Chimera Team and we’re here to introduce our unique product, Chimera Tool.

Samsung Reactivation Lock

Everything You Need to Know About Samsung Reactivation Lock

Samsung features, function

What kind of functions do we have for Samsung phones?

Find answer!