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Bootloader Unlock

This document created at Feb 6, 2023, 2:30:53 PM and modified at Mar 9, 2023, 11:53:25 AM.

Are you struggling to find a generic solution for the Samsung bootloader unlock? Do not look further, we detailed down, how can you do it fast. 

It can be done in a few steps:

  1. If the FRP is "on" then it means that you have to remove the Google Account from the device before you do anything else. 
  2. Open the Bootloader
    - Connect the device to WiFi
    - Enable the Developer options menu by clicking on the build number 7 times in About phone/Software information
    - Enable the OEM unlocking, in the Developer options
    - After these, manually turn off your phone and reboot the device to Download Mode (vol_Up + vol_down + USB connect),
    - By long pressing the Volume up button select Device unlock mode

    -Unlock the bootloader.

     - As a next step, the phone will do a FACTORY RESET. Once the reset is done, the device will boot up and need to go through the Setup Wizard.
    -Then connect the phone to WiFi and check the OEM Unlocking at the "Developer options" menu. You will have to see the "bootloader already unlocked " message.

  3. We recommend checking the device in Download mode. In that mode, the phone will provide you with information regarding FRP and the Knox Guard status. If the FRP is "Off" and the KnoxGuard is NOT "prenormal", then you can do the rooting. 
    To do that:
    - manually turn off your phone and reboot the device to Download Mode (vol_Up + vol_down + USB connect),
    - Select Continue by pressing the volume up button

    - Check the KG and FRP status. You should see this if you did everything correctly.

If you failed to unlock the bootloader, you should check the following values displayed on the screen in Download Mode. KG status must NOT be preneromal otherwise the "OEM Unlocking" option is hidden. Also the FRP value should be OFF. If you're sure those values are correct, you can re-try the steps above.

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