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BlackBerry OS 6,7 functions and their descriptions

This document created at Sep 15, 2016, 1:41:46 PM and modified at Jan 23, 2021, 5:08:02 AM.

What kind of BlackBerry OS 6,7 functions do we offer and what are they used for?


Get info: You can get phone information such as the IMEI number, SIM-Lock information, Software version, etc.

Change Software: You can update or downgrade your current software version. In most cases this will repair software errors; you can change/add languages as well. You can find more information about this feature by clicking here: BlackBerry-software-update-downgrade-language-change

Repair IMEI: The Repair IMEI function is for restoration of the original phone's IMEI (in most cases the IMEI number is written on the sticker under phone's battery).In some countries around the world operations concerning the IMEI are illegal and punishable by law. By using this feature you confirm that you will apply it in a manner which is within compliance of your local law; You agree not to use this feature illegally and you take all responsibility for violations of all local laws and any damages incurred on using this feature by yourself.
Unlike with other tools, all of the calibration parameters will remain untouched. (Currently only Qualcomm models are supported, but you will see some new updates soon) * It is a paid function, check our prices here

Backup phone: This function will do a backup of the important unique security fields.
Restore phone: This feature will restore the already backed up security fields.

Refurbish: This is an amazing new feature, provided only by ChimeraTool. With this unique function you can repair a variety of software related problems such as:

  • Your phone is only blinking and won't power on (more about blinking codes: BlackBerry-Bootrom-blink-codes)
  • Your phone tries to power on but always ends up rebooting when it is turned on
  • App Error 100-800
  • Network problems
  • Your phone reboots if you want to turn on the network (Mostly at 9300, 9800, 9780, etc. models)
  • The CPU is not paired correctly with the flash during manufacturing and phone will not power on
  • Your Phone is in MFI mode and you can flash with a final SFI pack
  • ... and many more software problems not listed here ...

* It is a paid function, check our prices here

Advanced options (only for experts)

Nuke phone: This function is necessary only in case you want to destroy all of your user data and your OP system. After this function you need to flash your phone with new software, because without doing so you won't be able to turn it on.

Fix application errors: This function will flash a full working ghost image onto your phone which includes SFI (OS), APP and SFI2 regions too. Normally it is needed if you can not finalize the flash process with BlackBerry original update software.

Reset lifetimer: You can reset the lifetimer (BUYR -voice and data usage counter-) without losing BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS). Be aware of other tools, because you will irreversibly lose the BIS!! * It is a paid function, check our prices here

Change Vendor ID: You can change the vendor ID (operator code). BlackBerry identifies your software pack and gives you the ability of updating your phone only with the update package that is accepted by your operator. This means if you can change the Vendor ID then you are able to use other -sometimes newer- update packages without tricking the vendor.xml file. This will also remove the original operator logo and customizations.

Change keyboard: You can change the keyboard layouts: QWERTZ, QWERTY or to AZERTY

Camera reset: In some cases you can not find the camera icon in your menu even after a software update. With this function you can sort out the problem and in 6 seconds you will have the menu back.

LCD reset: Usually when you change the LCD to a new one, you need to first check if it's the correct type. Not now! You can use any LCD version without knowing what the original one was.

Auto turn ON: This function will place the "Auto turn on" flag on and your phone will switch on after inserting the battery without pressing any button.

Turn Java ON: In some cases you can not turn your phone on and only a white screen appears with the "Turn Java ON" message. This option will reset this menu and will let your phone turn on normally.

Enable/Disable Internal Memory: In some cases the internal memory can be damaged and the phone will not be able to start correctly. Basically it will go into a boot loop. Do not worry, the fix is easier then you think, just disable the internal memory with this procedure. If you need to enable it again, you can set the state back at any time.

Read MSL: MLS code is used for accessing developer options on your BlackBerry Qualcomm phones. QPST and some other service software will ask you for that code. With the Read MSL feature you can read out that code.

Save modem calibration: Qualcomm phones store the calibration fields in a specific memory area, if you lose them, this could lead to further network issues. Before going into any deeper R&D or dangerous procedure, we prefer to save these calibrations to be able restore them should a worst-case-scenario arise.


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