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Reseller API - User authentication process

This document created at Jan 26, 2024, 8:14:40 AM and modified at May 15, 2024, 1:18:19 PM.

Starting from 2024, Chimera license and credit purchases will require end-user verification on reseller websites, to prevent any fraud or misuse. This means, the users need to log in before checkout, to verify their account.

Your selling procedure will not change but reseller transactions will only be completed if the users authenticated and the purchase was initiated on your reseller website, registered in Reseller settings at

Resellers have 3 simple steps to do

1. Make sure the new user authentication method is enabled.
Look for the following checkbox at Reseller settings:

Starting from Q2 2024, this setting will be automatically enabled for all resellers by default and after that it cannot be disabled, to enforce secure transactions.

2. Place the following button next to the Chimera username input field:

To do so, embed the button above and this JavaScript code to your website, right after the username input field:

IMPORTANT: You need to modify this code to make it work on your website.

The chimeraConfig.hash property is required.
Also one of chimeraConfig.usernameElementId or  chimeraConfig.usernameElementName property is required.

Explanation of the chimeraConfig object properties:

hashThe md5 hash of your Chimeratool reseller username. In this case MD5('chimeratool') = 78ae231c5ffc8c26c5570e1c8cdd1e67. Where 'chimeratool' is the reseller username. You can use free online tool for MD5 hash generation.

The id attribute of your Chimera username input HTML element on your website. In our example the value of the id attribute is 'username'.

usernameElementNameThe name attribute of your Chimera username input HTML element on your website. In our example the value of the name attribute is 'username'.

What this code does, is to place the following button  retrieve the Chimera username from your website, combine it with your unique ID hash and communicate with via API and popup window, for secure user verification.
The script uses plain Javascript code.

3. The above code registers a new JavaScript event, named chimeraAuthSuccess - as the above code suggests, you need to listen to this event by using JavaScript eventListener, to only allow users to proceed with checkout when this response is successful.



If your layout looks like like this than your Checkout button tag looks like the following:

Then you need this button disabled by default, and only enable it upon successful user authentication, like so:

The user journey will be the following

First, the user selects their desired Chimera license or credits option on your reseller website.

After selecting options to buy, the user needs to enter their username, then, the user clicks on the "Verify with ChimeraTool" button to open authentication popup window.

Upon clicking Allow, the user will be granted with a login popup window at where they can login:


After successful user login, the popup window will close:

Now the user may finish purchase and make the payment on your website. The transaction will be authorized and the license/credit transfer will be completed from reseller account to user account promptly.

If the user already logged in, the authentication will be successful automatically after the user allowed the permission for the authentication process.

In case of authentication failure the user will see the following error:

In this case, the credit/license transfer will remain in a pending status.

Contact support if you need any help, we will help you gladly.

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