Black Friday! Pro & Samsung licences on sale, November 25-28!

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Chimera Black Friday 2021

Pro & Samsung licences on sale, November 25-28!

Huawei HarmonyOS Support

How to use factory/bootrom mode service functions on Huawei devices with HarmonyOS

The incorrect FRP Remove use

In the following article, we will detail in which situations you shouldn't use the FRP reset.

Huawei IMEI Repair, IMEI Recovery, Write Cert

Chimera Tool can help you with your IMEI-related issues if Repair IMEI, IMEI Recovery, or Write Cert are supported for the device. In this article, we will discuss these services in detail.


With our new functions in the software we would like to make your job easier. This is why we added Firmware Extractor, TAC Device Check and IMEI Blacklist Check. You can find these in utilities tab.

Easy-Firmware Add-on

All you need to know about our special service.

MTK Dimensity CPU Summer Update – Supported Models

Chimera is the first in the World to support the following CPUs (even with SLA and DAA* authentication)

Mega MTK Update, List of Supported Models

Chimera added support for over 300 models with various MTK chipsets

Martview forum

Martview is not our official forum but it can bring help to all our customers, since the questions asked are answered by professionally relevant users and administrators there.

Open forum

منتدى ClanGSM

منتدى ClanGSM ليس منتدانا الرسمي، وإلا أنه قد يوفّر المساعدة لعملائنا الذين يتكلّمون اللغة الإسبانية، كما أن مستخدمين مختصّين والمشرفين على المنتدى ذوي خبرة مهنية ذات الصلة يساهمون في الإجابة على الأسئلة.

إذهب إلى المنتدى

منتدى GSM Hosting

هذا منتدانا الرسمي باللغة الإنجليزية. ننصح لكل مستخدم بالزيارة إلى المنتدى حيث قد تمّ وصف الكثير من المسائل والعيوب وإيجاد حلول لها خلال السنوات الماضية

إذهب إلى المنتدى