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What is dev support?

We created this section to provide a fast and direct communication channel for our pro users. Send us what phone models and what functions you want us to add to Chimera.

As much as we try, we can’t always keep track of all, newly released phones. These days, there are so many manufacturers and even more markets in the World that demand thousands of different phone models. However, just because we are not aware of them, it doesn’t mean that Chimera can’t support these unknown models. In most cases, Chimera functions are already available for a very similar model and it would take us a very short time to add support for new models that are unknown for us yet.

Using the Dev Support section you can send us unsupported models and features that you would like to see working, and supported in Chimera. The phone models and features you submit on this page, goes directly to our technicians and developers, and in many cases, they will work in the next Chimera release.